You may have already met Jeanette teaching at Fusion in the past. She’s an amazing yoga teacher and practitioner, a gorgeous being, creative entrepreneur, a change maker, inspirer and all round top human.

We recently caught up with her to talk about her brand ‘And Relax’, specifically her range of tights using her hand-drawn artwork as the limited edition waistbands.

We love your free hand drawn designs that are incorporated into your active wear, when did you first realise you had this creative talent?

I loved drawing as a child. My Dad wanted to be a cartoonist and he taught me how to draw basic things and I just kept at it and really enjoyed doing it. I stopped drawing 7 years ago and totally forgot all about it and it wasn’t until I went home to Tassie and my Niece and Dad encouraged me to pick up a pencil again and it ignited my old passion. I remember as a kid my art work would always be on display in the class rooms and I was always encouraged to keep drawing. I am so glad I picked up that pen last year and started doing it again.

People often speak about drawing or art as a type of meditation, is this something you would agree with?

I really need to be in the right creative, chilled out head space when I sit down to draw but sometimes I need to just stop thinking so drawing allows my busy crazy mind to settle for a little while. I tend to just sit and draw whatever comes to mind and there is usually a story within my drawings. I also enjoy doing commissioned pieces but it is a lengthy process. I might not always meet the expectations of the customer and my interpretation might be completely different to what they envisioned so it can be really challenging. So I am not sure drawing is always meditative for me but I do always enjoy it, and it does make me sit still for a little while. 🙂

What inspired you to create AndRelax wear?

My Mum was a seamstress so I grew up to the sound of a sewing machine and material being spread all around the house. I loved designing so I would cut patterns and screen print and allow Mum to do the sewing part of it. I had zero interest in learning how to sew, no matter how many times she would try and make me I much preferred to design the clothes and then draw and create on the finished product.

My Mum and I would create all the basketball uniforms for the club she founded so I have always been involved in activewear, I just didn’t realise it would become an actual career. I moved to the Gold Coast last year for a change of scenery and my house mate had connections to an amazing sporting apparel factory and since I have always been highly involved in being fit, active and creative, launching my own activewear was inevitable. I have only just launched in December 2016 so I am very excited to see where this takes me.

If you could see your pants on any one person, who would it be? (kind of like the ‘If I could have dinner with one person… question).

I would love to see Delta Goodrem rocking the Flamingo Compression tights. I created pink bands for my annual yoga charity event I hold each year in Tasmania. I host a yoga class with all donation going to the Holman clinic, a cancer support centre in Launceston in loving memory of my Mum who lost her battle with cancer 13 years ago. Delta would look very Kill Bill like in our jet black slinky compression’s. I am going to donate $10 from every pair of pink compression tights sold in April to the charity.

What’s next for ‘AndRelax’?

I would love to get my label into one of my favourite online shops ‘FITUP’. They also have a store in Launceston so having my clothes in my hometown is a big goal of mine. I would also like to do a show case of my clothing and artwork one day soon. There are so many things I want to do! 🙂 My mind is very busy.

You’re such an inspiration. It’s so amazing to see you chasing your goals. Is there any advice you would give to someone wanting to pursue their own creative dreams?

The advice I give myself is keep going. There are so many hurdles and I honestly feel like giving up as it can be so hard at times but then I realise the worst thing that can happen is that I just go back to where I was before I headed down this crazy road but I come out stronger and with many new experiences and growth. The best thing that can happen is that I get to show my creative side and do something that I am really passionate about as my job. I think just starting is the best thing you can do, everything changes and as long as you have things written down in pencil and have an idea of where you want to go then you are already on the right track.

When things get tough, connect to your amazing friends to lift you back up and motivate you to succeed. I think it is so important to find your tribe, people who uplift you, encourage you and support you.

Thanks so much Jeanette!

You can find out more and get yourself a pair of these epic tights here.