how do i book a class?
preregistration in not required, however we do recommend it to ensure your spot, as classes can sometimes fill. you can download our fusion hot yoga app or book online. click here to decide which class you would like to attend and sign up today! for your first visit please arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time to fill out necessary paperwork and get acquainted with the studio. studio doors open 15-30 mins prior to class and are locked at the start of each class.
how can i pay for my sessions?
class passes can be purchased online, through the phone app, or at reception. if it’s your first visit make sure you take advantage of our amazing intro offer! click here to sign up today!
what if i need to cancel?
we understand that sometimes things happen! the handy thing about having our app is that you can manage your bookings at the tips of your fingers. if you need to cancel you will be able to early cancel through the app! we ask for as much notice as possible so that if the class is booked the space can filled by another student.
i am new to yoga, what can i expect in my first class?
congratulations! you are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. most of our classes are suitable for all levels however if you are completely new to yoga, it is best to start in one of our fusion foundation classes to allow you to learn the basics and alignment of each pose before you progress into more challenging flows. you can expect your first few classes may be especially challenging as you begin to learn the poses, adjust to the heat, and find your breath. remember to always work at your own pace. it’s ok to take a break at any time that you need to, rest as long as necessary, then join the class again when you feel better.
are all of the classes heated?

no. at fusion hot yoga we believe in all things balance. although many of our classes do incorporate the heat we also have many that don’t. check our ashtanga, vin yin and yin yoga classes if you are looking to take a little break from the heat.

what should i bring?
we recommend that you bring your own mat, towel and water bottle, however we have these items available for rental or purchase in the studio. mat hire is also included in the introductory offer. most importantly though, come with an open mind.
what should i wear?
most of our classes are held in a heated room (besides our yin classes), so you will sweat! dress lightly in comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch. it is also a good idea to bring a dry change of clothing for after class if you wish. we have a shower and changing rooms available.
remember to hydrate
make sure to drink water before and after your practice to stay well hydrated. Try not to drink too much water throughout your practice as this will interrupt your flow and cool your internal heat, which is created to burn off toxins. while you are sweating out toxins, you will also lose electrolytes. we recommend drinking coconut water or an electrolyte replacement after class.
what are the benefits of practicing in a hot room?
the heat helps your muscles and connective tissue to become more elastic, allowing you to experience deeper levels of stretching with less risk of injury. it encourages sweating, which stimulates the release of toxins and flushes them from the body. practicing in heat also increases the heart rate and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
how hot is the studio?
the studio is maintained at 30 degrees by far infared (fir) for optimal therapeutic benefits which purify body and mind. as a new student, you may find the heat intense at first. please remember to pace yourself and take resting poses when necessary. drinking plenty of water throughout the day and bringing a full length towel to class will also help to keep you more comfortable in the heat.
what if i am not flexible?
it is a common misconception that you need to be flexible to do yoga. yoga is for everyone, whether you can touch your toes or not. our classes are accessible to all types of students: the stiff and limber, strong and weak. the poses are designed to enhance both strength and flexibility over time. come as you are!
will this class be challenging?
yes! power yoga is a much more challenging cardiovascular workout than most people assume. regardless of ones yoga experience and athletic ability, our classes will challenge every individual mentally and physically. we encourage students to work at their own pace and our instructors offer modifications and variations for each pose to make the classes accessible to all levels of students.
how often should i practice?
as with anything, the more you practice, the more you benefit. if you are new to the practice we encourage you to attend as many classes as possible in your first month. this will help you to learn the basics, acclimate to the heat, and build a strong foundation for your yoga practice. after you have built the foundation for your practice, we recommend committing to a practice of 3-4 times per week if possible. practicing some form of yoga every day will change your life however even if you can only fit in one class a week, you will see and feel the benefits.
when will i see results?
in just a few classes and once you gain awareness of the poses, you should start to notice progress and begin to build strength, flexibility, focus and stamina. initially, you are most likely going to experience some soreness in your muscles after your practice. this is a good thing! it means your body is changing, and it is already growing stronger. with a dedication to your practice you can expect to see a transformation in your body, mind, and overall health. but don’t take our word for it – try your first class today!
what is the minimum required age to participate?
hot yoga is not suitable for children. fusion hot yoga will only accept students over the age of 14 years after an interview/consultation to access maturity level. they must also be in the company of a parent or adult carer.
can i still practice yoga if i am pregnant?
what an exciting time! yes, you can practice yoga when you’re expecting. many women find yoga to be a very beneficial practice during pregnancy. however, because of the specific style of yoga that we offer at fusion hot yoga, and the heat and intensity of the practice, our heated classes are not recommended for pregnant women. our studio owner Sarah is trained in prenatal yoga and offers private non-heated sessions and small group sessions. click here to book in today for a private session or contact us to enquire about group sessions.
can i practice yoga if i am recovering from an injury?
yes, with proper modifications to your practice you can still do yoga. yoga can often be beneficial to people with injuries or chronic pain by helping the body regain its balance between strength and flexibility, movement and awareness. it is important to notify your instructor of any injuries, medical conditions or other concerns you have so they can modify your practice safely and accordingly. If you have a chronic or acute condition, it is recommended that you consult with your health care provider before beginning a yoga practice or any other activity.