Just before Christmas I was given a home made coffee scrub as a gift… It was amazing (thanks Olivia)! I had used coffee scrubs before but it had been a long time for some unknown reason. It was invigorating and smelt divine. I was hooked. I do love the smell of a good coffee!

A few years ago we discovered these little magical doTERRA bottles of essential oils that we were using in our Raw Chocolates. Recently I’ve been using them a whole lot more. In cleaning, other body products, air sprays, as perfumes… Oh and of course those deliciously refreshing cold face towels we have at reception post super sweaty flow.

Anyway, the gift prompted me to re-gift in a new way and try making my own coffee scrub infused with a few of these healing oils. It was incredibly easy and made the cutest, economical handmade gifts for Christmas presents.

As a natural exfoliant, coffee scrubs have been known to tighten skin, provide antioxidants and increase blood flow when applied topically. And when combined with soothing and moisturising coconut oil and essential oils, they make for one packed punch of goodness to the skin. But honestly, they just feel and smell really great. Give it a try!

1 cup of freshly ground coffee (I just used coffee beans in the food processor so they still had some chunk about them).

1 cup of raw sugar

1/2 cup of coconut oil

TBS of himalayan salt

TBS of vanilla extract

5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil

5-10 drops of wild orange essential oil

2 drops of cinnamon essential oil or TBS of ground cinnamon

*replace essential oils with any of the other amazing oil options doTERRA have available.

Mix together in a large bowl and place in a reusable jar. Decorate as you wish to make an awesome gift for your loved ones or keep for yourself for the most invigorating wake up call!

Much love,


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