This has to be one of my favourite raw chocolate recipes. So simple and delicious and so many easy ways to make it your own seriously awesome concoction. Just by using the base recipe and adding your own touch, you will create your very own delicious raw chocolate invention. Or keep it plain for yummy white chocolate!

I always think of the story I was told about kids asking for more of that milky bar chocolate… aka our raw white chocolate! One of our students took some home and that was the response she got. How amazing is that! I’ve also recently converted one of our teachers here at the studio… She has never been a huge fan of chocolate… until now!! It’s comforting to know that there are options available for us chocolate lovers without the added junk, easy to make and that still taste good!

It’s one of the recipes we demo completely in our raw chocolate lab workshops at the studio. It excites me so much to have the opportunity to share this knowledge.

The main comment we hear in our workshops is ‘I had no idea it was so easy to make a healthy alternative chocolate’. Honestly, it’s seriously just so easy.


120 grams or 1 packed cup of chopped cacao butter

1/2 cup homemade Cashew Butter (we demo this too – Store bought is usually too runny with added oils)

1-2 TBS sweetener (we use maple)

Pinch of Pink Salt

1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Any other additions – e.g. Cacao Nibs, Matcha Powder, tsp of Beetroot Juice


Be sure to only melt cacao butter until just liquid (under 42degrees). Blend melted cacao butter with cashew butter and other ingredients. Pour into moulds for plain white chocolate.

One of my favourite additions is cacao nibs after blending for crunch.

You can also blend into the mix coloured flavourings like matcha powder, acai powder or a touch of beetroot juice to change the colour of the chocolate… Or go wild with layers and splatters.


Oh and I definitely accept samples for any awesome new flavours…

Just saying.

I can’t wait to hear and see what you’ve come up with!!

S x