Possibly my favourite part about retreats, trainings or immersions is the variety of people that attend. Totally different people, from different walks of life – Each with their own experiences, incredible stories of upbringings, challenges, learnings and personalities. But what makes the cake is the way these stories and experiences intertwine and bind together to create this magical journey… Although each person is entirely different and would not normally find themselves in the company of the other, some sort of common ground has brought them together in this space and time. These unique experiences and the life knowledge gained along the way are then shared and accepted without judgement by someone so far away from their norm and together they grow and learn.

When a group of people is brought together for a Yoga retreat there is always many differing levels of physical ability, strengths and weaknesses and part of our Yoga experience is realising that whether you can come into the full extension of a physical posture or not, really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change who you are as a person. Before you know it, we are all laughing at each other anyway and a Happy Baby becomes a Drunken Baby (no drunken babies were present – promise).

I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be involved as a participant and also in the facilitation of these events, meeting a huge array of people from across the globe. Although it breaks my heart to not be with them all at once, I really do consider many of them to be some of my closest friends. There is something that happens, a beautiful bond is created when the day to day schedule and responsibilities are taken away and you have room to explore your own thoughts and share your story with someone you have never met. You come to realise that each and every story is extremely inspiring and captivating and there to be shared – especially your own!

In fact, it’s the same reason owning a yoga studio fills me up so much. Day in, day out, I get to meet so many different incredible people, each with their own challenges and life experiences and regardless of what faces them for the remainder of the day, they have the strength and courage to show up on their mat so often.

I am so inspired by the people I meet and the voyages that bring them to find this life journey we call Yoga. Often it’s the physicality of Yoga that brings us to the mat, the increased strength and flexibility.. And as a bonus we find inner clarity, self knowledge and the often unspoken support of an entire community.

The retreat we just facilitated over the weekend at Wybalena Organic Farm in Byron Shire was perfect. We all spent the weekend immersed in nature, chilling out with Ella the epic farm dog, meditating with the sunrise, moving our bodies intelligently, eating organic meals often straight from the farm, connecting with new people and giving ourselves time to relax, restore and refresh. Meals were spent chatting and laughing. At our closing circle, we asked participants to choose one word that came to mind from the retreat – Mine was most definitely gratitude.

Much love,


Keep an eye out for our next retreat happening September 21st for 5 nights. Spaces will be limited so please register your interest by emailing sarah@fusionhotyoga.com.au.

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