our studio

the studio’s vision is to create a pristine yoga space, an urban oasis where you can escape the hustle and bustle and be part of a great community vibe! we provide a perfect environment for physical health, renewed energy and personal growth.

at fusion, natural healing heat, traditional and contemporary styles of yoga are fused together to provide a therapeutic yoga practice that will empower all ages and levels of health, fitness and athleticism. the unique combination of heat and yoga rejuvenates the body. It promotes healing, boosts the immune system, builds strength and flexibility, prevents gradual stiffening and joint deterioration and assists to mobilize toxins and sweat them from the body. the studio is maintained at 30 degress by far infared (fir) heaters for optimal therapeutic benefits which purify body and mind. included in our class schedule is a number of non-heated classes as we realise life is all about balance.

all classes are taught by certified instructors with a commitment to offering students a challenging and rewarding yoga experience.

we invite you to come and say hello, hang out with your friends after class and just enjoy the space. we look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!