private yoga

Private Yoga Classes in Brisbane

Individualise your experience with one on one private sessions from the friendly instructors at Fusion Hot Yoga. Private yoga classes are a great way to enjoy personalised sessions that are targeted to your needs. You may be an experienced student ready to deepen your yoga practice or a beginner unsure of correct technique and looking for more support and guidance. Whatever the reason may be, we believe you will greatly benefit from one on one sessions with our world-class experienced teachers, assisting you to cultivate a more intimate view into your practice through this traditional learning environment.

Enhance your experience with individual guidance

A private class will help you to discover points of improvement, learn the correct techniques and methods and enjoy a class that flows at your preferred pace. There are so many benefits to having private sessions, and combining this with group classes will help you develop your skills in all environments.

What you can expect from your one – on – one session:

  • Customised learning for your individual and specific yoga needs
  • Individual guidance
  • Rapid growth
  • Tailored modifications for injuries and challenges
  • Flexible timing for your busy schedule
  • Direct feedback and hands on assisting and adjustments
  • Clearing of energy and emotional blockages
  • Quicker learning and development than may be achieved in a group class

Book in your instructor today

Our selection of instructors will discuss with you your skill level, assess your technique and provide tailored guidance and advice that can help you take your yoga abilities to the next level. At Fusion Hot Yoga, we welcome students no matter where they are on their journey, and offer luxury amenities, beautiful studios and a friendly team always available to help. Join Fusion Hot Yoga today and experience the physical and mental health benefits of yoga yourself. Our studio is located at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Individual sessions or group packages available. Click here to book in today.