I am loving starting my day with this supercharged blend of awesomeness. With all of the not so awesome bugs that seem to be floating around at the moment, it’s really important we all take proper care of our immunity.

In this lifetime so far I’ve also had the pleasure of experiencing some endocrine and adrenal issues. If you were around in my old blogging days during my Nutrition studies you might already be aware but otherwise we will go into more on that another day. If you’ve experienced them yourself you will know they aren’t all that much fun and can take a lot of work to get on top of. I’ve been lucky to have some great support around me but caffeine is not always my good friend. I do love the taste, the smell, and the tradition or the ritual of sitting down for a nice big cuppa. But once I start to have a few coffees over a week, I notice the shakes, the addiction, the slow and steady burn out and need for more each time. So over the past few years I have been playing with some alternatives that both give me the satisfaction of ritual and taste but also nourish me and boost my immunity through the colder months. Let’s face it though – Has Brisbane even been under 20 degrees yet this winter?

I make quite a few variations of the following recipe but this one is currently my absolute fav. It includes a few of the following epic ingredients that not only taste delicious together but are greatly benefiting my health at the same time. BONUS.

Dandelion: Such a fantastic coffee substitute. Is said to be great for helping to detoxify the liver and to purify the bladder and the kidney helping to reduce the rick of urinary tract infections. Dandelion can also assist in purifying the blood regulating blood sugar and improving circulation.

Astragalus: Astragalus is often used as a general tonic to strengthen and regulate immunity, fight bacteria, viruses and allergies and protect the liver. I’ve been loving using Astragalus so much and so far this winter since incorporating it into my tonic, I’ve had minimal run ins with any of the common colds and flu’s that are hanging about!

Eucommia Bark: Initially not something that I placed in my concoction but I recently did some knee damage and added this baby in to help with healing. Eucommia is used often in traditional Chinese herbal medicine to assist in building strength around bones, ligaments and tendons.

Mason’s Mushrooms (by SuperFeast): Left my favourite till last. This powerhouse blend of eight powerful medicinal mushrooms I think has had a massive difference to my health and endocrine functioning since incorporating it almost daily into my diet. According to the legends at Superfeast – Medicinal mushrooms are revered in the ancient herbal traditions for building immunity, advanced hormonal adaptability and an increased capacity for integration throughout the body, including the nervous system and immune system. And I am loving it.

Ok so enough of me raving about what I think of the epic ingredients and on to the recipe itself and all the other yummy ingredients that aren’t to be forgotten.

1 cup of Coconut Milk

1 heaped tsp of Dandelion

1 heaped tsp of Cacao Powder

1 tsp each of Mason’s Mushroom and Astragalus

1/2 tsp of Eucommia Bark

pinch of Cinnamon

heaped tsp of Coconut Oil

small tsp of Raw Honey

pinch of Pink Salt & Pepper

– I’ve also added a little bit of Maca/Lucuma at times to mix it up.

Heat and stir in Saucepan on medium heat until well mixed, coconut oil and honey has melted and it’s at your desired temp. Blend in a high speed blender for maybe 20 seconds to create a really smooth creaminess. I love it with coconut milk however I quite often use filtered water if I wan’t something a little lighter.


S x