Round two… The beautiful Brodie, our resident Lululemon ambassador spills the beans on her journey to the mat and her love of yoga.

Amazing is an understatement!!! This incredible woman is straight up BOSS level.

Tell us about you first yoga experience…

I rolled out my mat about 8 years ago, and although I cant remember my first ever experience I do remember the first time I realised I wanted to make a permanent space for yoga in my life.

I was on a month holiday in Thailand with my boyfriend at the time (now hubby) and had the opportunity to practice in an incredible open air studio overlooking a peaceful river and lush rainforest. I remember the feeling as I floated back to my bungalow, completely blissed out, and didn’t want to loose that feeling. Not to mention hubby telling me (as delicately as he could) that I was a much nicer person when I did yoga, it’s been a positive influence in my life ever since.

Do you have a favourite yoga book? Tell us why you love it…

I am the biggest geek when it comes to Yoga books, It’s hard to narrow it down to one. At the moment I am loving ‘Practicing The Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle (I find it has some great tools and teachings that I am currently working into my classes). I do always highly recommend two faves of mine, ‘Loving What Is’ by Byron Katie and ‘A Road Less Travelled’ M. Scott Peck. Both books are more psychology focused, but I believe most of our real ‘Yoga’ happens off the mat anyway.

What motivates you to keep coming back on your mat?

Yoga makes me a better person, it might sound cliché but it really does. That peace and calm that I cultivate on my mat through practice makes life so much easier, that’s enough motivation for me.

If you were a yoga pose, which pose would you be?

It depends when you get me, sometimes I’m a levitating Lotus Headstand and others days I’m a child’s pose with 7 bolsters. If I had to pick one maybe it would be dancers pose…with a background in dance any pose where I get to balance and attempt to look graceful makes me feel good.

If you had one line of advice for someone beginning their yoga journey, what would it be?

Breath is everything. Let go of your want or need to look perfect in any pose or achieve an end goal through practice. And my more shallow but equally important advice would be invest in a really REALLY good mat!

Thanks Brodie!

Brodie is a certified Yoga Instructor and Lululemon Ambassador based in Brisbane. Her 20 years experience as a dancer, has contributed to her deepened awareness and appreciation of the body and breath.
Rolling out her mat for the first time in 2009 she quickly decided to make a permanent space for the practice of yoga in her daily life. Originally being drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, it slowly turned from being about the physical to becoming a beautiful spiritual journey for her.
Completing her teacher training at My Health Yoga, Brodie lives for sharing her love and passion for yoga with others and after teaching dance for over ten years, feels comfortable and at home in the seat of teacher.
“Yoga has had such a positive influence in my life, and for me it means creating a peaceful state of mind as well as a healthy balanced body through regular practice.”
Brodie’s vision as a teacher is to simply share the joy of yoga, with anyone who is open to it and watch the benefits improve people’s lives as it has improved hers. To see when you can catch Brodie at the studio click here.