Meet Emma, our resident Vin Yin superstar… Passionate about yoga, and sharing that passion with others, Emma shares a little glimpse into her yoga journey thus far.

Tell us about your first yoga experience… 

I had tried yoga a few times and always enjoyed it but never made it a regular part of my life. Then in January 2012, the wife of one of my colleagues was insistent I come to a yoga class with her at Fusion Hot Yoga… Despite resisting I went and loved every single minute, going back the next day, the day after that, and the day after that… And so began the start of my yoga journey.

Do you have a favourite yoga book? Tell us why you love it…

Ooh, as a lover of books, in particular yoga books this is a very tricky question. I’m currently reading and referencing “Meditation and Mantras”, “Insight Yoga”, “The Heart of Yoga”, “Yin Yoga Principle and Practice” and “The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga”… To say I have a favourite yoga book I imagine is like asking a parent to pick a favourite child.

What motivates you to keep coming back on your mat?

I love yoga and getting on my mat because of how it makes me feel both during and post practice, even if I only practice a couple of asanas. I love the increased level of calm, awareness of breath, peacefulness yoga promotes and then all the physical benefits such as flexibility, balance and detoxification. I know when I need to get on the mat – everyday.

If you were a yoga pose, which pose would you be?

Hmmm, possibly supported reclining butterfly pose – heart chakra open giving back to myself and others.

If you had one line of advice for someone beginning their yoga journey, what would it be?

Start! Don’t overthink the process of starting, just roll out a mat (borrowed or bought) and allow yourself to surrender to the magic of yoga, both on and off the mat.

Thanks Emma!!

“Hooked” after her very first class at Fusion Hot Yoga in 2012, Emma has practised yoga regularly since then, predominantly at Fusion Hot Yoga. A volunteer trip to India in 2013 cemented her love for the beautiful ancient practice of yoga and here Emma realised her desire to study and become a qualified yoga teacher.
In February 2015, Emma completed her Level One yoga teacher training (300 hours) under the guidance of Carrie-Anne Fields, owner My Health Yoga here in Brisbane. Emma will complete the final requirements of her Level Two yoga teacher training (200 hours – My Health Yoga) in January 2016.
A current corporate executive and former elite rower, Emma understands the need and is committed to nurturing one’s body, mind and spirit through the regular practice of yoga, advocating the numerous benefits both on and off the mat. Emma loves teaching yoga including vinyasa, vin/yin and yin/restorative and believes we are always the student. Have a look at our current timetable here to see when you can catch Emma at the studio.