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It has officially been 6 months since Adam and I purchased the Studio. What an experience it has been. The new friendships we have gained with teachers and students alike has been heart warming. Change and transition can be tough for anyone so we thank you for sticking around, giving us a chance, and ultimately becoming part of this blossoming yoga community.

Our dream was and is to share this passion of yoga, provide a space where the greater community can come together, be challenged, heal, grow, learn, find new postures, let shit go, and ultimately have a little bit of fun.

Yoga for me started as a healing journey that I wasn’t entirely aware that I was on. I got to know myself a whole lot better. Coming out of a place of anxiousness, depression, body image issues, a struggle with endocrine/auto-immune issues and the feeling of a constant need to keep it all together. I am still on this ever evolving journey, as are we all.

It was through this journey and the changes that Adam and I saw personally through the practice of yoga on and off the mat, that we felt this urge and need to share the practice, share the lifestyle with other likeminded people.

That said, although we are in the business of yoga, it’s still a small business. It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine, meditation and savasana. I have been challenged, I have cried (numerous times), I have been pushed to my edge. The sale process itself was very stressful. We were, I will admit, rather naïve to the process of purchasing a running business. By the time settlement came around, the studio numbers had dropped and we were in for a rather enourmous rent rise from the landlord, neither of which we knew we were in for. Funnily enough it was through the practice of yoga and the help of some amazing people around us, that we were able to move forward, find space to breathe and stay true to our passion.

But through all of this, the vibe of the community is once again blossoming and it’s because of you that our dream became a realisation and we are able to share what we love. From every part of our being, thank you. We look forward to seeing you soon, on and off the mat.